Happy Hill Farm’s Resident Parents

Most students in regular schools go home to a familiar environment where a parent or other guardian is present. Happy Hill Farm offers an alternative through the Resident Parent who represents the parental figure in a traditional home. These parents take on a very important role in shaping them to become people of character as opposed to people up to their ears in trouble or lawsuits.

Happy Hill Farm Academy image credit: happyhillfarm.org

Resident Parents can either be singles or couples. They are offered many employment benefits, which includes lodging, a competitive salary, and meals. Moreover, the role also serves as a vocation, urging adults regardless of age to accept the call of God to make an impact on the lives of young people.

Happy Hill Farm Academy image credit: happyhillfarm.org

The Resident Parents live in a large home with eight children, either boys or girls. The private quarters they receive is large enough for younger couples who want to start a family of their own.

At Happy Hill Farm, the Resident Parent is the primary role model for the children, with many support staff members serving in a supportive role. This is a ministry position that has a crucial role in the development of the students. This guidance could mean the difference between a life lived in outstanding virtue and a life riddled with wrongdoings and lawsuits.

Happy Hill Farm Academy image credit: happhillfarm.org

Further information on the benefits of being a Resident Parent with Happy Hill Farm—and the role it entails to help young people avoid choices that lead to a life of bad decisions and lawsuits—can be accessed from this website.